Art Director & Designer


(Yup, that's my real name.)

I've been working in the creative industry for the better half of two decades now. I started as a web designer and branched out to all these other things eventually. I'm a bit of an all rounder (multimedia). I just keep shifting gears and constantly learn new ways of doing things to keep it interesting and relevant. Give me a shout if you wanna chat!

Digital Design

UI & Interaction Design

Visual prototypes to live apps

The robots are coming! I design for that next awesome thing you can't wait to get your hands on – from one screen size to the next.

(Until I get replaced by an AI assistant that is.)

I've been involved in several aspects of the interactive space for quite a while now – from strategy, ia, ux, design and prototyping, to full implementation and dev management.

visual & UI design, IA and UX methods, dev implemention management

Motion Graphics


Hills Shire Council animation

Jumpin' rubbish bins! This is one of eight animated videos produced for the Hills Shire Council under AOM just recently. As the population of New South Wales continues to grow, the council engaged us to make this online series as part of their ongoing growth support strategy.

Check out my reel here.

storyboarding, design and illustration, animation, sound design

Print Design

& Manuals

Corporate and marketing comms

People still like paper. For some, it's business – hence the annual reports, comms and manuals. There's the odd brochure and flyer in the mix as well.

I design for other inked stuff too though – like branded packaging, posters and print ads. I've done those but not so recently. You can ask me about it if you like.

design and layout, project management

Mixed bag

Johnson's Baby Sleep Routine

Integrated campaign design

Done under Push Associates Inc. back in Manila, this was a massive campaign for a bestselling brand of baby products. The group produced a whole range of collaterals both ATL and BTL – print ads, POS, music, videos and animation, and online promotions via small web apps and ads. We went for the long haul and it paid off as the project won a Best Integrated Campaign for South East Asia award.

art direction, design implementation, digital design and development, motion graphics, music and video production, copy, project management